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    Know Silver

Silver jewelry styles, how to identify true and false?
Silver jewelry is not rich jade, and no bright gem, but its simplicity made us feel the affinity.
Silver's own highly adaptable, changing and diverse style, so popular is a necessity. Our reporter in Beijing cuiwei, urban and rural areas such as shopping malls to conduct market research Chinachem found that silver jewelry is no longer the stereotype of a simple sterling silver jewelry. It is in shape, variety, craft has a lot of fashion elements, and silver sales are increasing year by year. In addition to sterling silver jewelry, there are black and silver jewelry, Tibetan silver jewelry and silver jewelry color. The attractive feature of silver is that it can also precious stone or imitation gemstones and other materials, which is more diversified.

925 silver jewelry is best done

Reporter conducting a market survey found that some 925 silver jewelry is silver, while others are used in 990 silver, sterling silver jewelry in the end which is a sign of it? National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the senior engineer explained that the reporter Wang Chunsheng, national standard 990 silver, 925 silver, 800 silver can be used to make silver jewelry. Now that's usually 925 silver jewelry. 925 silver jewelry is 92.5% pure silver content of 7.5% then add the alloy, alloy is added to silver in the sunlight, the brightness and hardness are improved. And since the 1851 launch of the first set of Tiffany silver containing 92.5% silver jewelry, 925 silver has become popular, we now have 925 as the identification of whether the silver standard. 925 silver jewelry polished after showing a very beautiful metallic luster, but also has a certain hardness, can be inlaid stones, made of high-end jewelry.

990 fine silver, is the silver content of 99% and 1% of the alloy, because of its hardness is not enough, the system made jewelry is easily deformed, so few manufacturers use it for jewelry and 990 silver used in industry have more extensive.

800 silver content of 80% is added 20% silver alloy, due to lower silver purity of the more easily oxidized, so manufacturers rarely use it for jewelry.

Detection of silver by reassuring

Although the raw materials of silver is very cheap, only 2 yuan / g, but there are some manufacturers in the incorporation of silver cadmium, iron, copper and other cheaper metals. The cadmium is harmful to humans, according to the provisions of the jewelry is not allowed in the mixed. Wang Gong, told this reporter that the producers do so primarily to reduce costs, achieve higher profits. Mainly copper doped silver lock in the middle of the support frame to do, according to state regulations, the supporting frames of silver lock should also be silver. Because hidden in the silver wire inside the lock, so consumers can not see, only time during the test will be reflected in its true colors it destroyed. Only until a long time, the patina inside oozed, consumers can be found.

Although silver is not expensive, but there are really fake, although this phenomenon is not widespread, but consumers should still have some way to identify silver jewelry. Wang Gong, told reporters that when consumers can buy the physical properties of silver to test, commonly used test methods
See color: the higher the purity, the more white, silver, jewelry, shiny surface looks uniform, with polish. If you lead, will be showing a gray jewelry; such as copper, jewelry surface will become rough, the color is not moist feeling.

Weigh Weight: silver density slightly larger than the average common metal, generally speaking: "aluminum light weight silver, copper does not light nor heavy." Thus Diandian whether the weight of silver to make their initial judgments. If the jewelry larger and lighter, you can be the initial judge of the other metal accessories.

Search hardness: the hardness of silver over copper is low, while the more lead, tin big draw jewelry pin can be used to test inconspicuous place, such as needle slip surface is difficult to leave marks, you can judge for copper jewelry; the case of lead, tin texture, the traces are obvious, prominent; such as physical traces left less obvious but can be initially determined to silver jewelry.

Listen Rhythm: sterling silver jewelry resounding, no stretch, the sound of "porphyrin porphyrin da da." Lower purity, lower sound, and the higher the band sound more sharp rhyme; the case of copper, the sound of higher and sharp, tight and short rhyme sound; the case of lead, tin texture, then throw to sound boring, short No stretch.

Wang also told this reporter working alone and experience the physical properties of silver to test the silver is not very ideal. Only silver can destroy the chemical method of true and false test out the merits of silver. However, this is beyond the reach of consumers. When consumers buy jewelry in addition to master some basic knowledge test, we must also note that there is not a silver certificate, certificate, certificate signing, only through the inspection institutions had silver jewelry can buy with confidence. In addition, silver jewelry silver content must accurately identify the consumer looks for jewelry purchase should have "S925" word. "S" is silver the first letter of the English word, "925" is the silver sign. As long as "S925" can ensure that the purchase is a genuine sterling silver jewelry. Special attention to the time of purchase whether it buckle fastener and secure. When buying silver chain flat to it, to see whether the link knot or bend. Silver jewelry prices are based on the content of precious metals, structural design and craftsmanship to the decision, so choose the most important criteria silver is to see if you like.

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