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Minimum order:
Generally, the minimum order per shipment is US$100.

Minimum quantity:
No minimum quantity limit: for stock jewelry.

The minimum quantity per style(color) is 30pcs(for custom design or not stock jewelry of ours).

Custom Design:
We also accept custom design(we make mold totally according to customer's sample, photo, design or description), we can make95-100% same according to your original physical sample, and 90-95% similar according to your design picture or photo.

Lead time:
Stock Jewelry: one business day after payment receival.
Custom design or jewelry(not in stock): 20-25days

Design Exclusivity:
All customers'designs are exclusive, we never sell or show any customer's design to others.
All Jenear's designs are not exclusive. However, they can be considered for exclusivity,  if the quantity ordered meets the minimum order required for Design Exclusivity. 

Declaration of Silver:
For all silver jewelry from JenearJewelry Co., Ltd., the silver is sterling silver ( also called 925silver).

For all silver jewelry from JenearJewelry Co., Ltd., it is nickle free and will not cause skin inflammation.


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